Wedding veils

Wedding veil is an indispensable attribute of a bridal gown. It gives bride`s image attraction, romance and tenderness and considered to be an amazing form of adornment. Nowadays wedding veil is the thinnest and almost invisible item of bride`s appearance fixed to hair by means of a diadem, wreath, hair slides and other accessories.

There is a great variety of wedding veil lengths that is worth careful considering. A shoulder length veil is perfect as it`s a traditional variant without being heavy or cumbersome. A variation of the shoulder length veil presents a flyaway veil commonly consisting of more than one tier. It ideally matches any length dress: both short and long and allows a bride to accentuate any detail of her gown. Floor length veil is the most common option and flatters majority of bridal gown of any length but it unsuccessfully complements gown with a train. Incredibly elegant and romantic variant is a draping gracefully onto the ground chapel length veil which is perfectly suitable for formal weddings. It can be worn in combination with a blusher and harmonizes with an elbow length veil for creation of tiered look. A cathedral length veil is typical for formal weddings or wedding celebration in church. It`s distinguished by a considerable width and ability to create a dramatic look while walking down the aisle.

A veil is required to consider a suitable color for bridal gown or its finishing. Such classic colors as white, pearly, ivory shades, pale pink and beige remain among the most widespread variants. Embellishment details of wedding dress and veil should match each other. A lace veil can be embroidered with pearls or beads. Organza, veiling and tulle create a fairy enchanting look of a bride. Edges of veils are frequently embellished with purfle that is able to change the same model beyond recognition.

Consider how many tiers of a veil you prefer: it`s possible to choose a one, two or three tier veil depending on your dress`s style. A one tier veil creates a sophisticated look whereas a romantic style shows a two or three tier veil to advantage. Classic dresses tend to be complemented with at least two tiers.

If your dress is adorned with drapery, artificial flowers or various finishing choose a simple veil. A classically cut bridal gown featuring smooth fabric match both plain veil and smart veil. Whatever model you choose the main requirement for a veil is a good matching with a bridal gown.