Wedding shoes

You are about to tie the knot and wedding bells are heard in the air. You have just chosen the perfect wedding outfit. In other words you are like a princess ready for the ball. But you don't need Cinderella's glass slippers, because you have already won your prince's heart. However, a bit of a magic will come in handy. As you have to find a pair of shoes that on one hand will provide you with comfort, give you a chance to live this day without killing your feet and on the other hand will look good.

Long before you start looking for such a treasure you have to remember a few simple things. First of all never ever put on your brand new shoes for the first time on the wedding day, wear them around the house to break them in, unless you want to end up in the fluffy slippers just after the ceremony. Next, although it is a very important day in your life choose a pair of shoes at a heel height you'd normally wear, as your other half and the guests would rather see your smile than a grimace of pain on your face.

So it seems that we have to choose the shoes as careful and thoroughly as possible. Of course there are many things to consider when choosing the best ones: your own height, the length of your wedding dress etc. But there is one general rule you should know Ė if your outfit has such details of decoration as beading or embroidery go for simple plain fabric shoes and on the contrary if you have chosen a simple dress you will need more attractive shoes.

Keep in mind that your shoes do not have necessarily match your dressís color they should as well be matched to your jewelry or embellishment on the dress. More important thing is that your shoes have to be soft and light in order to give you a pleasure while you are dancing. Be sure that every time you do it, your guest will admire your stylish bridal footwear. You should fall in love with your shoes and wish to wear them again and again after the big day.