Wedding make-up

Without any doubt every bride on her wedding day is as pretty as a picture. But we should turn this picture into the masterpiece. It can be easily done by choosing the perfect makeup. Besides, it's one of the most exciting parts of a wedding planning.

And there are a few vital tips: first of all you should never forget that your other half loves you the way you are, so don't scare him off with something ultra-modern or extremely bright. You should look like a model but still be yourself. Instead achieve a gorgeous natural glitter on a wedding day. Next if you have made up your mind to get some tan, do it at least four days before the event so that color can settle. And in case it's too dark you will have enough time to help it fades by using scrubs and water. And the last but not least thing regarding your skin - do not let red spots destroy your day. Rest and good sleep is the key to achieve radiant skin. However it's better to avoid facials a week before the big day.

Of course it is preferably to work with a professional makeup artist and it would be wise to choose the one that you know well. As it will be much easier to explain what you have in mind. Don't forget to show the picture of your wedding dress to the artist to help him or her to get an inspiration for the most appropriate style: elegant, dramatic or perhaps romantic. What is even more important never be afraid if something goes wrong. Makeup is easy to take off and apply another one. In other words you will always have the second bite of the cherry.

If you decide to apply makeup yourself then show off your features and focus on eyes and lips. Just imagine your husband will look in your shiny eyes at least hundred times that day. Despite the fact that it's the happiest day in your life you still might shed a few tears of joy. In this case waterproof mascara will do the trick. It's better to use tested brands unless you want to worry about red and watery eyes. Remember, this is one in a lifetime event and you are on the spot.