Wedding jewelry

Every bride on her wedding day is like a picture, but even the prettiest picture needs a frame to show off. In our case bridal jewels is a frame. If to choose right they will allow the bride to sparkle and glow. The question is how to make a perfect choice.

As usual there are a few simple rules you need to follow. The main rule you have to remember is never overload, don't go mad if you don't want to look like a Christmas Tree. The next one is never buy your jewels before you get your dress. It's easy to understand your feelings when you see amazing earrings or necklace and 100 % sure they will look stunning on the big day. But don't be tempted: first dress then accessories.

You can find a wide range of jewels to choose from: pendants, necklaces, brooches, earrings, strings of beads and bracelets. It's hard to make up your mind on which one to pick up. Remember that the style of your bridal outfit and hairstyle are the best indicators for what exactly you need. By the way in some cases like when your dress is heavy with pearls, diamonds or rhinestones you don't need accessories at all. Depending on the type of neckline your dress has let's try to choose the best thing to complete your look. If you have a lower neckline it's better to think of a necklace, pendant or strings of beads, which are going mainstream more and more. They can be bold or delicate, it's up to you. Short-sleeved dress may demand bracelets to be added. On contrary long-sleeved dress or the one with a higher neckline needs no necklace neither bracelets. In this case you can try the brooch or earrings if your bridal hairstyle allows you to show off. If you have the up do you can wear drop earrings or chandelier ones.

The most important thing is to be you. So whatever you will choose to wear on this glorious day one item or two your jewelry ensemble should reflect your style and personality. And the last but not least, you should feel comfortable, so don't pay much attention to the price of the jewelry as the most expensive doesn't mean the best for you. If you feel good in it then it's yours. After all you are the main gem people will admire this day.