Wedding cakes

Not a single wedding passes without a tasty and beautiful wedding cake as it symbolizes wealth of the future family. Nowadays wedding cakes are usually personalized for individual customers but occasionally cakes are chosen in catalogues which are filled with variously designed desserts offered for every taste. Professional confectioners can bring to life any wish. You can choose a shape, composition and a number of cake`s layers taking into account personal preferences.

The type of venue presents a nice beginning point for choosing a cake. In case of a bold décor of the venue you shouldn`t excessively fantasize about cake`s patterns and color. If the venue is simple you can go wild with its design. One of the most important parameters of a cake is its weight. For example, an approximate weight of a cake for one guest is 200 grams. It should be rounded upward in order every guests could enjoy a dessert. Layers of a cake will be defined according to its weight. An average weight of a cake is 4 kilograms. Such a cake consists of two layers, if a pastry`s weight exceeds 7 kilos than the minimum number of tiers are three. You may wish to make it larger as a cake is a key decorative item.

Ingredients for filling and icing can be of any kind: chocolate, fruits, cream, yoghurt. Filling can include cream with fruits, condensed milk, chocolate crumbs; finishing can be made of marzipan, nuts, chip coconut. It would be better if every layer of a cake had different taste to please guests. A cake can be decorated with atlas ribbons and flowers giving originality and lovely look. Embellishment with colored edible beads, flowers made of pastille which can be bought in a confectionary also present a nice variant.

The most frequently cakes are decorated with swans, figures of bride and bridegroom which can be left for sweet memories after wedding celebration but usually these figures are edible and that is why can`t be kept for a long time. Relatively recently an opportunity of decorating with images from photos has appeared so if you present an enormous cake with your image guests will be surprised.

Concerning color decorators and cake makers see a high demand for ice blue, lavender, pistachio and butterscotch shades matching bride`s dress and the theme of wedding. You can either buy or order a cake - the choice is yours but it`s better to order it from professional confectioners and arrange tastings of a cake in advance.