Wedding bouquets

Being bride is hard work - just imagine how many challenges you have dealt with: choosing the perfect wedding outfit and bridal shoes, creating the best hairstyle and applying appropriate makeup. You are going to sigh with relief but you have one more challenge to face - choosing the wedding bouquet.

Of course there can't be any wedding without flowers. It's just like the sky without stars. Flowers are always fresh, lovely and full of scents. But they also have their own languages and every time they send us a message. So be very careful in your choice of flowers for the bridal bouquet. For example lily of the valley represents happiness and calla lily - beauty, while freesia is a symbol of innocence and gardenia - joy, orchid means love.

Next thing you should consider is the bouquet shape. No need to say that it has to correspond with the shape of your dress. So what are the shapes of bouquets we can choose from? The first one is a round bouquet, which is the oldest and the most classic bouquet shape. And as all classic it's incredibly variable, that makes it a brilliant choice for almost all wedding dress styles. For the bride's need it can be composed of delicate light or bright multiple colors and can be of any size. The second one is the crescent bouquet. It gives an impression that flowers just appear to stream from the middle of the bouquet across the hands. The third one is called the cascade bouquet and it truly tries to resemble waterfall, where flowers flow out of the front of bouquet. The fourth one is loose or hand-tied bouquet. It is really worth of trying as it is a composition of loosely tied flowers and different ribbons. The fifth shape we will pay attention to is the flexible pageant bouquet, which main feature is long stems. It becomes more and more popular with brides as it's a perfect mix of simplicity and beauty. The sixth one is the heart bouquet which symbolizes love. But keep in mind that in this case you should use only one color flowers.

While you concentrate on the look of the bouquet don't forget about its scent. You have to like it as you will be close to your bouquet for the whole day. So carry out your wishes and trust your instinct. After all only you know what you want for your wedding.