Wedding accessories

Wedding accessories present things complementing image of a bride and bridegroom and overall wedding style. They should be chosen in accordance with color range of the ceremony and outfits of newlyweds. It`s important to remember that namely wedding accessories complete bride`s image and should be carefully selected. Occasionally gloves become an indispensable part of a wedding ceremony. There are classical gloves (designed for wearing on fingers) and fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves are more popular and comfortable as you shouldn`t take them off nor in a registry office neither at the table. Their fabric and color have to harmonize with a wedding dress. The important point or choosing gloves is their width. If a wedding dress is sleeveless gloves should be higher than elbow.

Length of gloves depends on formality of occasion and the time of day. Proper choosing of gloves must include length of gloves that reflects fashion and style of the wedding outfit. Short-sleeved or sleeveless dress should be complemented with long gloves whereas short gloves match three-quarter length sleeves. Fancy gloves are usually complemented with a plain dress not to overwhelm a general look. Color and texture of gloves should be identical to outfit. Appropriate materials for gloves are kidskin, satin and lace fitting style of a dress.

A handbag for a bride is a graceful supplement for her image. It indispensably must harmonize with color of a dress and fabric. If another color is present in the outfit it`s preferably to use this color or embellishment of the similar color. Clutch bags present more comfortable variant than bags supplemented with long shoulder straps. Nevertheless some small bags possessing chains ensure a bride with a more reserved look. Wrist straps also a fine wedding variant. Nowadays florists suggest original bags-bouquets which look fabulous and emphasize an unusual bride`s image.

Wedding glasses symbolize a delightful day when uniting two affectionate hearts and presented in a huge range which includes refined metal legs wineglasses decorated with heartlets, wedding rings, stones and crystals. Champagne glasses are characterized by two classical types flute and tulip. According to the west tradition honeymoon monogram names and the wedding date are engraved on glasses.

Besides, you can give preference to crystal stemware. It`s one of the major materials used in glasses manufacturing for weddings due to its lovely ringing sound. High-quality and stylish glasses present an integral part of wedding accessories.