Groom`s suits

Bridegroom`s suit is of no less importance than bridal gown. It should harmonize with the solemnity of the wedding day and match wedding dress of a bride.

First of all you should decide what type of suit you need: two-piece suit or traditional for weddings three-piece suit which includes a jacket, strict trousers and a waistcoat. However a waistcoat can be not involved in a wedding outfit but it gives a wedding suit a strict and sophisticated look. Another variety of a suit is a dinner jacket. It should be black and complemented with long silk lapels, a bow tie, a waistcoat and a broad belt. A tail-coat wearing in combination with a false shirt-front or a white shirt and a bow tie is perfect for particularly solemn weddings. It`s ideally suitable for particular solemn weddings.

There is a great variety of jacket`s types. The first variant consists of a jacket and trousers. On the basis of its color a shirt and a tie are chosen. Color of a bridal gown is also considered. Choice of a suitable jacket is not an easy task as it`s presented in different styles. A wedding jacket of English cut is considered to be a classical variant. A single-breasted coat fastens with two buttons. A double-breasted jacket fastens possessing two rear vents choose bridegrooms holding in honour traditions. Jackets of American style are slightly baggy. It creates such an impression due to soft smooth lines of the fashion and rounded lapels. Jackets of European style are single and double-breasted without rear vents. As concerns a three-piece suit their main element is a waistcoat. Waistcoats can be open (back is open) and closed (back is closed).

Wearing of wedding trousers is characterized by special rules. Their length should be not higher than heels. Ideally, they have to cover the heel counter of shoes by half. Consider compatibility of a wedding suit and a shirt. Pay attention to the sleeve`s length of a shirt and a suit sleeve of a shirt must be slightly longer. Commonly a wedding is wearing in combination with self-colored white shirt but if you`ve chosen a shirt with pattern for example, a striped shirt its combination with cloth grain and pattern of the suit is very important.

Nowadays color solutions of a bridegroom`s suit and bridal gown are various. The main condition is coincidence of their color grade or contrast with each other. In case of choosing a classic dark bridegroom`s suit wedding accessories of a groom (handkerchief in a lapel pocket, bow tie, a belt for dinner jacket) should match bridal gown.